About Bahagoni

The name Bahagoni is a combination of Bamboo+Mahagoni=Bahagoni. Mahagoni is the German word for Mahogany. Mahogany wood is very beautiful and durable. Unfortunately the trees grow very slowly and are being cut down in an unsustainable manner. Thankfully there is a greener alternative. Advances in technology make it possible for bamboo stalk to be processed into solid boards.

Bamboo laminated board is replacing hardwood in many applications. At the same time this new material is being used in new ways. Bamboo boards are part of many innovative designs. One example is our collection of bamboo display series. More information about that can be found in the showroom section.

Bahagoni is about modern high-quality products made from the renewable resource bamboo.

Luxury without the guilty conscience.

Bahagoni = Nicely made from Bamboo