Bamboo Displays

Trade show and marketing managers are having to think about the environmental impact of their banner stand displays. It seems hypocritical to say you are an eco-conscious company that uses lead based banner paint and plastic banner stands. Bamboo display rollups and bamboo banner stands are making advertising in an eco-friendly way possible on the large scale with reasonable costs.

Bahagoni is developing and distributing bamboo display rollups and bamboo banner stands. These display and sign stands are made entirely of bamboo, save a few steel screws and necessary plastic parts. The bamboo banner and sign stands are strong and durable. They are easy to set-up and take down. Products come with individual cartons and bags, which makes them very easy to take from one trade-show to another.

Bahagoni bamboo display equipment is replacing the old plastic and aluminum models. The bamboo displays have several advantages over the old-fashioned models. Not only is bamboo more friendly to the environment than plastic, Bahagoni bamboo displays also look better and attract more attention; bamboo is the mahogany of the eco-friendly world. In eco advertising that is pretty much all that matters. If you have a chance to look better than your competitors and attract more attention- why wouldn’t you take it?

We offer a wide variety of eco advertising solutions. From bamboo banner stands and brochure holders to promotion counters and podiums.

All of our products are manufactured in our partner factory that specializes in bamboo exhibition equipment. The factory is regularly inspected to assure that it adheres to Bahagoni’s high standards.

The factory itself is located in China. There is not much that is not made there. However this factory is unlike many others. Not only does it specialize in eco-friendly products, but also looks after it’s workers. The factory is one among far too few that employ disabled workers. It is vertically integrated and owns more than 60-acres of bamboo forest. That forest is carefully managed to keep our production sustainable.