Bamboo has been used for thousands of years. It has an astonishing variety of applications. Bamboo can be used for nearly every aspect of life. Bamboo shoots are a delicacy in many Asian countries.There are countless examples of bamboo products, bamboo is used in making of products like banner stands and sign stands. Eco advertising is made possible mainly because of banner stands and sign stands made of bamboo. The focus of the list below is to showcase modern bamboo products. Advanced manufacturing processes and innovative design have greatly increased the number of applications bamboo can be used for. This section of the Bahagoni website is not about making sales. This list contains products from other companies, which make innovative bamboo products. The intention of this list is to showcase the ever growing range of modern designs that incorporate bamboo. In this list we do not include our own bamboo products. Those can be found in the Showroom section of our website. It is the goal to provide information and updates concerning the trends and innovations in the bamboo industry. Please let us know if you think that we have forgotten a cool new bamboo product.

-Bamboo is being used as a structural material in architecture. Simon Velez is the most famous architect and he has written a book called:”Grow your house”. That book is widely regarded as one of the bamboo “Bibles”. ISBN 3-931936-25-2

banner standssign stands

-In 1895 a company called Bamboo Cycles from England patented a method to make bicycles from bamboo.

banner standssign stands

Those are now experiencing a revival all over the world. Craig Calfee developed the first modern version of the bamboo bicycle. Brano Meres Engineering has also developed some incredibly beautiful bicycles. Not all of them are made from bamboo but they are all extraordinary.

v-In 2009 Chris Trees from Shanghai developed a tricycle in which features a bamboo body rolling on an aluminium chassis.

-Gucci Bamboo Bag, during World war two when materials were getting scarce Gucci developed a handle for it’s handbags, which was made from bamboo. The design was so popular that even after the war it was continue. The range has now expanded to include watches where the wristband is made from bamboo and shoes&belts with bamboo buckles.

-Cartier bamboo eyeglasses, bamboo frames for glasses: Gucci is not the only brand of luxury products that uses bamboo. Cartier was among the first to use bamboo for the frames on their eyeglasses. After Cartier successfully introduced the concept it has now been picked up by many other brands and bamboo glasses are available in many shapes, colors and sizes.

-bamboo flooring is very popular and comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes. The most recognizable version of bamboo flooring is one in which the whole bamboo stalk is cut open and flattened out. This method preserves the uniqueness of each bamboo stalk. It results in flooring where no two square meters are the same. It looks fantastic.

-Bamboo has not only replaced hardwood as the material of choice for flooring in many places, but it is also starting to replace hardwood as material for dashboards in high-end automobiles. In the new BMW X6 for example the dashboard and other decorative wood inlays are made from bamboo composite.

- in one of the most interesting combinations of green materials and green applications, bamboo is used as a reinforcing fiber for the blades of wind-turbines.