The podium combines the functions of a brochure holder and promotion counter. Sometimes a full size promotion counter is too much and only a brochure holder not enough. In these cases the podium is perfect. It offers space to display brochures and at the same time doubles as small table. When folded the unit is very compact. Set up is easy and does not require any tools.

  • HH4-19_foldable-bamboo-podium-bamboo-rollup-bamboo-banner-stand-display-7
  • HH4-19_foldable-bamboo-podium-bamboo-rollup-bamboo-banner-stand-display-6
  • HH4-19_foldable-bamboo-podium-bamboo-rollup-bamboo-banner-stand-display-5
  • HH4-19_foldable-bamboo-podium-bamboo-rollup-bamboo-banner-stand-display-3