September 15-17: ECO Lifestyles 2011 @ Shanghai World EXPO Theme Pavilion

ECO Lifestyles Design Fair & Competition is a premier exhibition for the most innovative sustainable designs in China, and a trading platform between designers and companies committed to eco-conscious products. The ECO Lifestyles Design Fair & Competition will display a wide range of innovative sus-tainable designs, focusing on interior design, furniture, household arts, and Fashion. The event will also serve as a platform for urban residents to learn about eco designs, green products, eco options and living a more low carbon lifestyle. Industry experts will host a series of interactive eco-events and onsite workshops. A premiere sustainable design competition – the Eco Lifestyles Design Competition, will be held.

Everything begins with creating. Indeed, that is the value of design. The Eco Lifestyles Design Competition in 2011 will be a platform that delivers eco lifestyle designs across the industry. Designs will encompass lifestyle and recycling aspects. The competition will feature an international panel of judges, consisting of leading academics and industry leaders. Hence, this platform provides a chance to all participants to showcase their talents on the international stage.

Successful entries will be exhibited, together with works from reputable designers, at the ECO Lifestyles Design Fair & Competition. Participants will get a chance to interact with the renowned designers and professionals in the industry. Foreign companies aiming to enter the Chinese market will gain an opportunity to touch base with local and aspiring designers. Hence, the twin events – the design fair and the design competition, will be a useful platform to forge networks and work together on future projects.

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